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The advantages and disadvantages of using mobiles

The mobile phone allows total autonomy: calling from anywhere, surfing on the internet, keeping your diary…

The use of a wide variety of mobile applications such as traffic, weather, alarm, stock exchange, news, music, video…

It has a negative impact on health and the environment. For example, its batteries and cells contain polluting materials..



Premium smartphone, Samsung Galaxy touch tablet, models that are both design and performance.


Legendary for their design and unique iOS operating system, wide range of iPhone trends, and iPad tablets.


Phones with Android operating systems renowned for their superb design and exceptional quality.


Good value for money for Huawei brand smartphones and tablets and a better user experience.

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All the latest news from the world of high-end and low-end tablets and comparisons for a touch tablet purchase.

Connected Objects

Choose a connected watch, a high-tech gadget or a connected object that makes your life easier.
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Cell phone
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A repair can be very expensive depending on the problem.┬áTherefore, repairing your appliance yourself can save you a lot of money. Find guides and tips on how to repair mobile phones on the Help Mobile website: screen replacement, battery replacement… You can do it at home just by getting spare parts.