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accessories for Oculus Quest

Virtual Reality headsets are at the forefront of innovation in the interactive entertainment sector, showing unrivalled potential and development over the last few decades. With VR headsets long representing the realisation of total virtual immersion that was once only dreamed of, the Oculus Quest represents its entry into our homes and every-day lives. Now with virtual reality finally coming from the pages of science fiction to our living rooms, manufacturers are taking note. Designers are creating innovative, immersive new accessories to augment the VR experience, boosting immersion and allowing users to take their gaming experience to the next level. These Oculus Quest accessories and more are all available at

Power Packs – keeping your VR adventures rolling

The Oculus Quest has a base battery life of 2 to 3 hours. Though this serves for many people’s gaming sessions, greater adventures into the VR realm by more intrepid and seasoned gamers require more power. There is no worse feeling than having long-fostered immersion in a virtual experience shattered by the draining of a battery. Thankfully developers have swooped in to counter this issue with a variety of power packs available that can boost the battery life of your Oculus Quest headset to a length worthy of any marathon session. Increasing the 2 hours of battery life in your VR headset with an additional 8 hours should ensure your adventures remain uninterrupted, so you can soak in the immersive atmospheres of virtual reality and let the hours pass by. These additional battery packs are designed to be comfortably worn on the back of the head, acting as a counterweight to the main VR Quest headset, ensuring you remain comfortable and balanced during any physical activity your virtual experiences call for. Also included on charging pack is a sleek meter clearly telegraphing the remaining battery life, and an additional USB-C port to charge additional VR accessories, making a VR power pack the essential core of any high-end VR system.

Rebuff Reality – VR cases and shells

Virtual reality is hard work. Though virtual worlds demand constant movement and player reaction, this movement is often too large for the real world. In order to protect against damage to the VR headset it is necessary to find a strong, reliable case or shell. Many VR shells incorporate high quality light-weight materials to provide maximum protection with the minimum effect on the weight and feeling of the headset, maintaining comfort and ultimately maintaining immersion. Their see-through design, crafted with millimetre precision, ensures protection does not get in the way of important sensors. Protection to the front cameras is supplied by a hardened hexagonal poly-carbonate membrane, extending to cover all important buttons, ports and settings. With its futuristic design, imperceptible to important sensors but offering unbeatable shock protection, the shell case proves an appropriate match for the Quest headset itself.

Effortless Immersion – improve the comfort of your headset

Though we can be whoever we want to be in virtual reality, in the real world we must contend with the bodies we have. Though the Oculus Quest was smartly designed to suit as many users as possible, people’s natural differences mean users may require additional accessories to make the headset as comfortable as possible for their own heads. Fortunately, there are a wide range of Oculus Quest accessories to help optimise the comfort of the headset, with AMVR kits providing more options and finer adjustment with straps and padding to keep your head and headset supported. Additional pads and straps relieve pressure off the face, and with an outer layer of imitation leather remain easy to clean. The additional fine-tuning enabled by an AMVR kit ensures safe and comfortable gaming for extended period, perfect for pairing with a power pack to ensure maximum time in the virtual world with assured comfort.

Bring Worlds with You – bags and packs to move your hardware

With a VR headset well protected in use by a hard shell case, optimally supported on your head by additional straps, and kept powered for extended sessions by an unbeatable power pack, it is equally important to keep the Oculus Quest headset safe in transport when it is not in use. A weather resistant, and comfortably padded VR backpack will ensure easy and assured transportation of your headset and controllers. However, for the more dedicated adventurer travelling in both our world and virtual domains, a VR suitcase offers the greatest combination of unbeatable safety and hardiness, and mobility – so you can transport your headset and all its essential accessories. Rugged and waterproof, with ergonomic padded compartments for all the features of an Oculus headset, the VR suitcase ensures your kit will always arrive at its destination in a safe state providing you with peace of mind, so that you can best be ready to continue your travels and adventures online.

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