Why cover your phone and tablet with mobile insurance?

Mobile insurance provides you with specific coverage in the event of breakdown, breakage or theft of your phone or tablet. Depending on the type of contract taken out and the type of claim, it can offer you various types of cover. The insurer can thus grant you coverage or compensation for damages. Find out more about the good reasons for taking out mobile insurance.

Protection in the event of damage to your smartphone or tablet

The smartphone has a higher level of functionality than conventional mobile phones. It differs from touch and clamshell models by its tactile nature. This solution offers several options such as a high-performance camera, various applications, a high-speed Internet connection, scalable connectivity... This technology comes at a price, however. Smartphones cost more than traditional phones. To compensate for this expensive investment, insurance companies have established a mobile insurance package. With this option, the insured party benefits from special coverage in the event of a claim related to their Smartphone (professional mobile insurance, mobile breakage and theft insurance, etc.). Depending on the cover taken out, the insurance company can thus offer to take charge of or repair the mobile device, or even replace it. While some insurers only cover Smartphones, others offer coverage for all types of mobile device (laptop, tablet, games console, etc.). So, before you sign up for a particular policy, make sure you choose the right insurance company. Compare the costs and guarantees beforehand to evaluate the expected profitability. To this end, don't hesitate to use a mobile insurance comparator. This tool will help you find the best rate and target the offer that best suits your situation.

A formula adapted to your coverage needs

Mobile insurance plans vary widely. Coverage is often offered by the telephone operator when the smartphone is purchased. You are free to choose the option that suits you. Single-product mobile insurance appeals to a large number of users. However, beware of hastily offered formulas. Take the time to analyze the offer before signing the contract. Note that the contract can be taken out in the weeks following the purchase of the device. The nomadic products contract is an alternative to this first type of formula. It frees you from the possible collaboration with several operators for the insurance of your various nomadic devices. With this option, you take out a global contract with your bank or your usual insurance company. The latter will take care of all your mobile devices. This option provides a lump-sum compensation for devices that do not exceed a certain age. Depending on the context, the mobile insurance can be combined with private liability insurance or comprehensive home insurance in the event that the phone is broken. In this sense, you can make a third party liable if the third party admits to being at fault for the breakage of the device (fall, jostling, etc.).

Contracts that provide the same guarantees

The guarantees often remain the same for all types of mobile insurance contracts (mobile insurance pro, mobile insurance without deductible, etc.). The formula can cover you in the event of theft, breakage or breakdown of your mobile device. However, the conditions of coverage differ depending on the context. With mobile theft insurance, for example, you can only activate the guarantee in very specific situations: the theft must take place following a break-in or with the use of threats (or violence). Other circumstances are rarely covered by mobile insurance.

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