Unlimited push notifications on different media: contact an online specialist

Push notifications do not cost the user anything. Sending this type of notification through a server is also free of charge. Unlike SMS, it is more plausible to prefer this option in this case, as SMS would cost too much for an unlimited number of users. Notifications are more user-friendly. First of all, users can control what they want to see or not. They can also specify which notifications they want to see in each application. You will therefore find in the following lines, some advantages to set up such a system for your activity.

Re-engage and retain users with push notification

Many mobile applications have a large number of potential users who have downloaded the application, but do not use it or use it very rarely. Push notifications are a good way to turn these inactive users into active users. According to one study, sending an even greater number of (high-value) notifications can increase application retention by 3 to 10 times. In fact, the retention rate for users who choose to cooperate with mobile notifications is on average much higher. With notification messages, you can provide your users with thoughtful reminders, breaking news, and personalized offers. If your mobile notifications can have direct personal value, you have a much better chance of retaining users over the long term. Click here to learn more.

Better track your strategies or decisions

Another important advantage of push notification for mobile is that it allows you to track user behavior. It offers comprehensive analyses with data on rates and hours of operation, engagement and more. These notifications also give you valuable insights into user behavior, including interaction times and click rates, allowing you to determine which messages are likely to be opened and have the most impact. Based on user behavior data, you can launch campaigns that allow you to better connect with your users. Notifications also allow you to improve your brand consistency. Alerting customers to last-minute offers, coupons and special offers is a powerful way to get an additional point of contact in your marketing funnel. Notifications provide a complementary marketing channel where you can provide additional value-added information about your brand.

A push notification solution to enhance your customer service strategy with useful content

Push notifications can dramatically improve your customers' experience. They are less intrusive than other forms of user engagement and can effectively direct traffic and assist users with useful information. They allow your users to keep up to date with recent updates, offers and promotions. Push messages are an excellent tool to get users' attention. So make your notifications valuable and fast, while maintaining a friendly and personal tone. According to several industry professionals, individualized messages have an opening rate four times higher than generic messages. So the more personal and relevant your notifications are, the better the results you'll get. They also reduce the effort in the customer journey.

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