Changing the battery of a Samsung Galaxy S9

Over time, your smartphone may experience charging problems. Low autonomy, overheating, swelling, only malfunctions that threaten the ergonomics of your phone. Like screen repair, changing the battery is also sensitive, but you just need to take safety precautions to be able to do it at home.

Removing the rear window

The battery removal operation takes only about 10 minutes. Before changing the battery in a Samsung Galaxy S9, the first precaution is to switch off your smartphone. Even though the components of this smartphone are independent of each other, there is a high risk of breakage in case of clumsiness. Changing the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery starts by removing the rear window. To do this, remember to use a hairdryer or a gun to remove it. The surface must be sufficiently heated, then insert a nylon spatula into the right inner gap of your Galaxy. Be careful, as the rear window is very fragile. Then gently pull upwards to remove the window.

Removing the NFC antenna

When the glass is removed, changing the battery of a Samsung Galaxy S9 requires the NFC antenna to be removed. This makes it easier to remove your battery without damaging it. This operation aims to remove all the screws circled in red to remove the NFC antenna. It is necessary to use a Phillips screwdriver to make the task easier. Again, the help of a spatula is desirable at the exit of the battery cover plate. When all the screws are unscrewed, take the spatula back and gently insert it into the upper right-hand part to easily detach this component.

Removing the battery

In order to remove the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery, it is best to dismantle the external speaker so that it is not damaged. This should be grasped gently with a pair of pliers. You can then safely remove your battery. But before you do so, remember to warm the lower area of the screen, especially the part opposite the battery location. This is to loosen the chassis holding the battery. Once the glue is softened, use a plastic card and insert it into the chassis gap. Your battery can finally be removed and you can replace the battery in a Samsung Galaxy S9 with a new one to return it to its original condition.

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