New AMD processors for tablets under Windows 8

Seeing the tablet market take off, AMD is now taking its turn in this new technology by offering its processors for future models. Note that these tablets will run on the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. AMD will soon offer a processor (Hondo), or rather an APU or Accelerated Process Unit that will include both a processor and a graphics part and unlike Brazos (processor generally used for miniportables), Hondo requires little power and will be engraved in 40 nm. Recently, AMD product manager Lisa Su confirmed the launch of Hondo for this year. Thus, consumers will be able to find on the market tablets running Windows 8 and using their processor. The designer market has a newcomer. Third behind Intel and ARM in the sector, AMD already offers new products in terms of processors. In addition, the launch of a second generation of APU called Trinity with a 32nm engraved platform is planned for 2013.

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